What's happened to the old website?

The old website has been archived, with a lot of the same content being re-organised and put into the new format.

Where have the old links gone?

All of the old links are still there, just some are in a different place. Here's the original sidebar link list:

Where's the 'Latest Noticeboard Messages' widget gone?

Unfortunately, because the Noticeboard is a discussion site it's blocked by many company firewalls, which means that people can't access the website at work, so we've removed the widget.

Is this the new website then?

This is an interim website while we work on something a lot better. The goal is to have something that allows members to log-in and receive personalised results, fixtures and communication. Doing that is going to take a while, so we thought we'd better tidy up what we've got before embarking on something bigger.

How do I give feedback?

We welcome feedback on the changes we've made, as well as any ideas for future improvements. Please give feedback using the following form.